Monday, 23 December 2013

This Week's Soundtrack

These are the sounds of this week... This week has been a GOOD week.

1) Beyoncé - 'Yoncé/Partition'

Many people have been saying that Beyoncé's visual album is her worst to date, going so far as to say that it's 'terrible'. Well........ they're wrong.

Sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker
Yoncé all on this mouth like liquor

2) Matthew Herbert - 'You Saw It All'

'You Saw It All' is just a mere rainbow refraction of light on the multi-faceted diamond of an album that is Bodily Functions. A master of both electronic and jazz, you can't go very far wrong with Matthew Herbert. I HEARTILY recommend that you listen to more of his stuff.

3) Yuna - 'Coffee'

Her voice is simply the SWEETEST.

4) Volor Flex - 'Spellbound'

Another great new album, released at the end of the last month, is Volor Flex's Sabo. This is not one to miss if you enjoy the dark, ambient dubstep that comes out of artists such as Burial or Nocow.

5) Kove - 'Love For You'

It's impossible to escape from this song if you're a regular at house club nights, or watch Misfits, or spend any time at all in Leeds. Expect a catchy, upbeat disco vibe and some next-level 'wobs' during the chorus.

6) Drake x Jhené Aiko - 'From Time' (Full Crate Remix)

Full Crate demonstrates yet again that he has the Midas touch.

7) Kraak & Smaak - 'Don't Let People' (Moods Remix)

Moods' Souncloud profile has been a goldmine recently, this remix of the (already brilliant) Kraak & Smaak followed today by a dreamy rework of Jordan Rakei's 'Imagine'. 

8) Dean Martin - 'Let It Snow!'

Oh come on, IT'S CHRISTMAS! And this is the best festive song of them all. Scrooges begone.

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