Sunday, 26 January 2014

Shivum Sharma - Flicker (lyrics)

Guess who's back with a brand new rap (/rhapsody) from a voice that will without doubt meet 2014 with unabridged success. Only eighteen years old, the warblings of Londoner Shivum Sharma are soulful beyond his years. After the blogging community met the release of his bedroom demo of 'Flicker' with pricked ears, the up-and-coming singer has teamed up with Kwes of Warp Records (who have brought us music from the likes of Flying Lotus, Mount Kimbie, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada and so many more) with sublime results. His trembling vibrato compliments the elegiac tone of his lyrics with a charisma reminiscent of artists such as James Blake or Antony Hegarty. Once smoothed over a simple piano accompaniment and a sparse beat, all is treated to a good helping of reverb and the song takes on a dreamlike quality that eventually blends seamlessly into a gorgeous clarinet improvisation. Keep your ears peeled for future releases, because it'll be hard for him to disappear after this one.

If you enjoyed 'Flicker', you should also listen to TCTS's 'These Heights', which is proof that his vocals are suited just as well to upbeat, house/garage tracks as they are melancholic ballads.

As far as I know, these are the first lyrics for 'Flicker' available on t'internet. YOU'RE WELCOME!

You looked at me
As you spoke the words of a red rose,
The silence that followed, it cradled, I swallowed,
It could embrace it naturally.

And then you opened a gate,
It led to a path, which
Bloomed as we watched into perfect grass

And naïve I chased you blinded by petty fantasy,
The power of you, it drifted into me.

Desires posed as possibilities in my foolish head
And under your spell I drew the blinds over the red
And I saw white, only white,
Perhaps I diverted my sight to the daylight.

Oh I chased you blinded by petty fantasy 
The power of you, it drifted into me.

And then the light begun to flicker
And under it I begun to wither.

[melt into melodic wailing and glorious clarinet solo, mmmm.]