Saturday, 25 August 2012

40 Songs That Keep Me Grooving

Yayyy happy songs! These are mostly chilled happy as opposed to energetic happy, but they're the tunes I whack out on a sunny day or when I'm washing up and I need something to keep the ol' spirits up. I tend to listen to quite an eclectic mix of stuff so there'll be anything from reggae through 70's classics to soul and cheesy pop. Even if it's not what you usually listen to, give it a chance on some good headphones and it'll take you right on down to funky town. 

1) Come To Me by The Black Seeds
Everyone needs the Seeds.

2) Magic Man by Heart
You'll be hooked by the sexy guitar.

3) Just The Two Of Us by Grover Washington, Jr. and Bill Withers
How do you give a duck soul? Put it in the microwave until its bill withers. Ha. Ha ha. 

4) California Soul by Marlena Shaw

4) Waltz for Koop by Koop
Koop is genius, all their songs make you feel so GOOD.

5) Feather by Little Dragon
I saw this live and it blew me away (har har feather wordplay). The whole crowd was on their knees for Yukimi Nagano.

6) All Cried Out Redux by Jill Scott ft. Doug E. Fresh
We about to take it from the bottom to the top, AAA-ITE? 

7) Can't Stop Now by Major Lazer
Or pretty much any Major Lazer song ever. I love them.

8) What's Going On by Marvin Gaye
This list just would not be complete without a bit of Marvin.

9) The Beautiful Ones by Prince
And if you love this then check out Beyoncé covering it at Glastonbury - She killed it, as usual.

10) Rapp Snitch Knishes by DOOM
The perfect use of a sample from David Matthew's cover of Bowie's Space Oddity. And his laugh at the end is almost as good as P Diddy at the end of Last Night.

11) Everything is Everything by Lauryn Hill
After winter must come spring - Change, it comes eventually.

12) Squeeze Me by Kraak & Smaak
Best served with sunshine.

13) Bathwater by No Doubt
No Doubt was the definition of cool, I almost died of excitement when I heard they were getting back together.

14) Never Too Much by Luther Vandross
If my future husband doesn’t serenade me with this song at least once I’m not marrying him.

15) Pass That Dutch by Missy Elliott
I could have put any song by her to be honest, it was close between this one and The Rain (Missy Elliott you certainly are supa dupa fly). RUN FOR COVER, MUTHAF***A...

16) Security by Otis Redding
The original driver of the soooouuull traaiiinnn...

17) Good Morning by Guts
This won't be to everyone's tastes, but I think Guts is a genius.

18) October Song by Amy Winehouse
Better than crack cocaine...

19) Pretty Little Thing by Fink
Only know him from the Dear John soundtrack? Well FINK AGAIN...

20) Temperature by Sean Paul
A great song, even if you don't know what the hell he's saying... ANGOLAAA.

21) Millionaire by Kelis and Andre 3000
Got to be funky funky.

22) Easy Skanking by Bob Marley
Of COURSE there was going to be Bob Marley on here.

23) Strawberry Letter 23 by The Brothers Johnson
Just LOOK at them.

24) Ooh Wee by Mark Ronson
People really need to stop forgetting about this song.

25) Let's Get Blown by Snoop Dogg

26) Hope by Fat Freddy's Drop
And also pretty much every other song by them.

27) Work It Out by Beyoncé
I could easily get a million Beyoncé songs into any playlist.

28) No Exit by Gil Scott-Heron
Chill to Gil.

29) Never In A Million Years by Apollo Brown
Makes you feel gooood.

30) Sunny by Boney M.
A necessary classic.

31) Gordon's Gardenparty by The Cardigans
I am the world's biggest Cardigans fan, people need to look past Lovefool and My Favourite Game and find some of their other gems.

32) Certainly by Erykah Badu
Reppin' the Soulquarians.

33) Another Girl by Jacques Greene
The best thing to come out of Canada since Avril Lavigne. No seriously, she's great.

34) Tomorrow by Jono McCleery
The perfect morning groove.

35) Get A Move On by Mr. Scruff
There is literally nothing more catchy.

36) Juxtaposed With U by Super Furry Animals
A staple of my summer playlists for the past five years.

37) Eple by Röyksopp
Never gets old.

38) Feel It All Around by Washed Out
Makes you want to frolic naked and drink nectar from the flowers...

39) Flow by Disclosure
I certainly will get on the flow, thankyou for offering.

40) Little L by Jamiroquai
An absolute 90's hero.