Wednesday, 10 April 2013

James Blake releases a video for the title track of his new album! In it, he ponders nature's solitude, accompanied by several Dementors practising interpretative dance.

'Take Turns' is a chilled, slightly jazzy and very RnB sounding track off Eliphino's earlier album 'Out of Phase', which was released back in 2007. This great tune is entirely different to many of the producer's more popular house-y creations and anything I'd previously heard from him, namely the catchy, bass-driven 'More Than Me' and 'You'll Know', both of which I've probably shared before on the blog. What's more, from what I've gathered, he wrote 'Take Turns' when he was only 17?! Why are there so many electronic artists around these days who are churning out gold as soon as they hit puberty? Bondax, I'm looking at you.