Thursday, 4 October 2012

Song Of The Day!

This is a new thing that I've decided I'm going to do, because I want this blog to be so pleasingly full of little musical gems that when people stumble onto it they are metaphorically diving into a whirling sea of tuneful deliciousness and are immediately taken on a wild and wonderful journey through flowing rivers of lyrical loveliness and splashed and rocked and hipped and hopped until they eventually drown in Joanna Newsom and Erykah Badu and die a beautiful death of emotion and sweetness. 
I guarantee 100% amazingness.
To kickstart this exciting new blog development, here is En Gallop by Joanna Newsom (my obsession slowly creeps out of hand) which, typically for her, has absolutely beautiful lyrics. 

This place is damp and ghostly,I am already gone,And the halls were linedWith the disembodiedAnd the dustly wings,Which fell from fleshGasplessly.

And I goWhere the trees goAnd I walkFrom a higher education,For now and for hire.

It beats meBut I do not know,And it beats meBut I do not know,It beats meBut I do not know,I do not know.

Palaces and stormcloudsAnd the rough, straggly sage, and the smokeAnd the way it will all come togetherIn quietness and in time,And you laws of property,oh, you free economyAnd you unending afterthoughts,You could've told me before.

Never get so attached to a poemYou forget truth that lacks lyricismAnd never draw so close to the heatThat you forget that you must eat.