Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Elbow - Friend Of Ours

This song has made me cry many a time... It's pretty much the perfect description of depression and loss of a best friend and it's really beautiful. When Morrissey says 'love you, mate' something in me dies.

'Before leaving get to the bar,
No one round here makes you pay.
Never very good at goodbyes
So gentle shoulder charge, love you, mate,
Love you, mate.

Salford skyline gloom,
Always you could fly round any corner
But until you do,
Love you, mate.'

Under The Sea

AHHHHH so good!!! I have known all the words to this since the age of about 11, it gives me endless joy. Ahhhhh, Disney

'What do they got, a lot of sand?
We got a hot crustacean band!'

The Big 2,000

2,000 views people, keep 'em coming. To celebrate, here is a video of a cat dressed up as a banana, eating a banana. My favourite part is at 0:22. Enjoy.

When it's all said and done will you have said more than you've done?

And ask yourself: If not now, then when?

'Voyage of Life - Old Age' by Thomas Cole

My Heart, It Melts...

My Incredibly Talented Friends

I hope they don't mind me doing this? Guess I'm in trouble if they do...

Matt Timmiss - 19, studying English at Southampton University

Izzy Sayers - 19, studying History at Leeds University (big shout out to her and her sexy blog whoop whoop HOLLA)

Emii Alrai - 19, studying Fine Art at Leeds University

I think this is unfinished, but it's still amazing