Monday, 3 February 2014

The Knife

What could have potentially been the least productive Saturday of my life was transformed into a journey of exciting new discoveries as this song accompanied the closing credits of The Jeffrey Dahmer Files, which was but a small sample of this weekend's Netflix binge. The very raw and gradually layered texture of 'Still Light' produces music that is poignant, haunting and unsettling, making it pretty perfect for a film about a guy who raped, killed and ate 17 people...

A bit of further research into the Swedish duo and I discovered that it was actually them who did the original of José Gonzalez's 'Heartbeats' on their 2003 album Deep Cuts, which I reckon deserves a little credit and a listen. Entirely different to the downbeat acoustic cover, this version is a funky synthpop mover with an 80's throwback feel.

After rummaging further through their discography, I found that the standard of their stuff is pretty consistently great (though mostly quite a lot darker than 'Heartbeats'.) My favourites spanned from 'A Lung' off their self-titled debut back in 2001 to 'Silent Shout', the title track of their 2006 album and finally 'Full Of Fire' off their most recent masterpiece Shaking The Habitual. 

Being such well-established and obviously brilliant musicians, I feel like I should have definitely known about these guys sooner. NEVERTHELESS, better late than never (as they say) and now I get to nose-dive into a body of work that's 13 years strong. Thankyou, Netflix.