Monday, 16 December 2013

Beyonce's Visual Album

If you haven't already heard about Beyonce's new visual album then LISTEN TO IT, FOR GOD'S SAKE! WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING? DO YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK?

Nah, not really. Actually, it's been pretty difficult to get a hold of it. Incredibly, she managed to release the entire album, 14 tracks and 17 videos long, with no warning or leaking whatsoever. Instead of flicking distractedly from track to track, she wanted listeners to experience the album as an exciting visual whole. By choosing to do this instead of releasing individual singles to create anticipation, she stirred the music world into a crazed buying frenzy, selling over 430,000 copies in just one day. Not only does this prove how business savvy her art is, but could it also inspire other artists to fight for the survival of the album instead of compromising their vision to the increasingly single-driven market?

This album seems to be one of her most hyper-sexualised yet. However, she makes several messages very clear - SHE is the owner of her sexuality and no one should ever put image over health and happiness. While she wants to cater to her husband, she is not 'just his little wife'. And finally, she loves her daughter but she will not let the fact that she is a mother get in the way of her right to have a career or be a sexual being. It is an unapologetic, fierce declaration of independence, balanced with a willingness to fulfil the needs of others out of love and respect (as long as it is mutual.) This is EXACTLY what feminism needs. 

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