Friday, 27 December 2013


Since releasing his EP Moments earlier this year, Hungarian producer Dnte has been marrying the sweeping bass throb of trap/dubstep with the melodic influence of hip-hop to create a soundscape reminiscent of artists such as Nosaj Thing or XXYYXX. His mellow remix of RJD2's 'Her Majesty's Socialist Request' lends a deeper groove to the Arabian vibes of the original, while the smooth production on 'Stoned' makes for music that licks your ears like smoke.

And if you like this, you might enjoy TOKiMONSTA's new LP Half Shadows, which was released in September this year. Despite harbouring an instinctive suspicion of anyone who mingles upper and lower cases in an unconventional way, I've loved and followed her since I stumbled upon 'Sweet Day' four years ago. Still going strong, she's now being compared to titans such as Flying Lotus and Nujabes. While her 2011 album Creature Dreams remains my personal favourite, it's great to see her working with artists as talented as Andreya Triana and Jesse Boykins III. But don't take my word for it, compare for yourself!

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