Saturday, 28 December 2013

Axel Kacoutié

A relatively new name on the electronic music scene, Axel Kacoutié is a London-based producer who is making waves across the capital with his arresting beats and nuanced mixing. His strength lies in his ability to turn even the most upbeat of club anthems into sublime, atmospheric reflections, as evidenced in his mellow remix of 'White Noise' by the mighty Disclosure that got people talking earlier this year. It's easy to see the influence of UK Garage in his grooving mix of Alex Mills' 'Forever Young', while a throbbing bass line lends a dubstep feel to his production of 'How The Mighty' by Violet Skies.

However, while it is mainly his mixes that have fallen under the public eye, 'Petite Mort' is the composition that interested me the most. Literally translating to 'little death', 'Petite Mort' is a French euphemism for orgasm. The whispering French vocals, dark string samples and sensual bass on the track combine to create a sound that can only described as erotic. Accompanied by the famous seduction scene in Metropolis, the effect is deliciously enticing. If his musical wiles have successfully enchanted you, you should check out his music on his SoundCloud or buy his album New Type.

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