Sunday, 9 February 2014


'Prototype', off their 2003 album Speakerboxx/The Love Below, is without a doubt my all time favourite Outkast song. All electric guitar, distorted bass and the dulcet reverberating tones of André 3000, it falls (like most of Outkast's best creations) somewhere between parody and woozy ballad. While you know not to take it too seriously, the rich bass and gorgeous, scrunchy harmonies will leave you dreaming. 

So considering my deep love for the song, I almost weed myself with excitement when I came across Nick Monaco's Classic House Mix on Gator Boots vol. 1, a ridiculously good collaboration between Nick Monaco and Soul Clap that is well worth a listen (along with the Gator Boots vol. 2, which is equally amazing and features this killer remix of Little Dragon's 'Crystalfilm'.) I think I want to say stank you smelly much, Nick Monaco, for livening up the original without destroying its nostalgic charm.


Another one of my favourite versions of 'Prototype' is by Tame Impala, an Australian band whose crooning vocals work well over the song's versatile groove. Who better than a psychadelic rock outfit to pick up on the hazy, spacey feel of the original?

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