Monday, 2 December 2013

Monday Soul

This evening, you should go take a bath - candles lit, incense burning, these songs playing... I guarantee you, it's a recipe for perfection.

1) D'Angelo - 'Brown Sugar'

No playlist of soul music is complete without this one.

2) Goapele - 'Butterflykisses'

Melt into indulgent floods of vocal harmony...

3) Amel Larrieux - 'Sweet Misery'

I could pass a million hours of bliss with ONLY Amel Larrieux.

4) Lalah Hathaway - 'I'm Coming Back'

11/10 to Lalah Hathaway for depth, sensuality and raw, unadulterated talent (disagree with me and you've obviously never heard her singing harmonics.)

5) Ledisi - 'Alright'

Rumour has it, it's impossible to worry about ANYTHING when you're listening to this song...

6) Robert Glasper ft. Dwele - 'No Worries'

You can't go wrong when you combine Dwele's soul and Robert Glasper's flawless production.

7) Raphael Saadiq ft. Common & Ledisi - 'They Don't Know'

I'm sorry about the useless quality of this video, but it had to get on the list somehow.

8) Sweetback - 'You Will Rise'

No harm in a little more Amel Larrieux...

9) Maxwell - 'Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder)'

I've made sure to show you this video so you can not only enjoy Maxwell's rapturous melodies but also his faultless rocking of silver satin: 

10) Erykah Badu - 'Back In The Day'

She may be last, but Erykah Badu will NEVER be least.

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