Saturday, 7 December 2013


Watch this space! So far one of my favourite albums of 2013, Cut 4 Me is the debut mixtape from Kelela, a gorgeous second generation Ethiopian immigrant hailing from the USA. Featuring songs produced by the likes of electronic magicians Nguzunguzu and Kingdom, it's an interesting while accessible fusion of genres such as techno, D&B, dubstep and grime, with a clear R&B influence. Imagine Little Dragon, but darker and more bass-driven. 'A Lie' in particular reminds me of Little Dragon's 'Stormy Weather', both with wistful melodies sung over atmospheric, boomy synth chords. 

'Cherry Coffee', another slower track, is one of my favourites. I get some definite Frank Ocean vibes off this one:

That's not to say she can't also produce something to dance to, Bank Head and the album's title track 'Cut 4 Me' both bouncy and incredibly catchy.

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