Monday, 8 October 2012

Song Of The Day!

Das Racist - The latest craze amongst the young and hip. They're so cool because they're IRONIC. Everything they do, they're doing IRONICLY. Favourite lyric: 'I'm on the internet, cause I'm an internet thug.' How ironic is that? #irony

I'm at the White Castle
(I don't see you here, dog)
Tiny-ass hamburgers, tiny-ass cheeseburgers
Tiny-ass chicken sandwiches
It's outlandish, kid
Ma trying to speak to the kid
In Spanish, kid
Like "?Que tu quieres?"
I'm like "where is the bathroom?
I hella gotta piss, where's the bathroom?"
Ask whom the bell tolls for
Hey, yo, where you get this place from, the hellhole store?

I'm in the building
Building will Belding
Ask for whom the bell rings (DR)
Something like a neo-rap Zach attack
Finna spark an L and have myself a Big Mac attack 
Known to rock the flyest shit and eat the best pizza 
Charge that shit to Mastercard, already owe Visa 
Catch me drinkin' lean in Italy like I was Pisa 
We could eat the flyest cave-aged cheese for sheez, ma 

Yeah, we could eat Gruyere 
As if we care 
We could eat Roquefort 
Or we could just kick it like Rockports 
In the periphery of Little Sicily little did she know I'm tickling boo she so giggly 
Catch me solving mysteries like Wikipedia Brown
It's the future get down 
We make a sound even if nobody's around 

Like a tree or the tears of a clown 
Yo, I'm afraid of clowns, I'm afraid of small towns 
Positive energy is something like I'm afraid of all frowns 
Catch me at the crib getting light to Jeff Mangum 
It's fun to do bad things like rhyme about handguns 
If any problem pop off 
I'll Joe Pesci any fool while drinking that Popov 
That's cause I'm a Goodfella 
Stay up out the hood hella much now 
But punch clowns if they touch down 
While I'm eating lunch now 
While I'm eating a burger 
Metaphysical spiritual lyrical murder 

The ill '96 manifestible third eye 
Abstract vegan backpack skateboard et cetera 
Rap hella much in a busted ass Jetta with Coretta Scott King 
Rap bridge 
On a duet with T-Pain and Stephen Hawking 
I'm not joking, stop jocking, stop talking 
Shut up, hush up 
Please, shut the fuck up 
Shut up, dude, shut up 
Das Racist is the new Kool G Rap 
Peep us at the Grammys 
We'd like to thank G-chat 
We'd like to thank weed rap 
The best rapper's B Real 
Jokes, it's us, come on, be real 
Second Latin rapper to like the Beatles 
But on the real they swear I'm blacker than Cheadle 
Like Don King playing Donkey Kong Country at his cousin's house 
You don't even know what it's about 

This is panic attack rap 
Eating four flapjacks 
Trap raps, let em free, they always come back to me 
The Internet told me that that's called love 
I'm on the Internet cause I'm an Internet thug 
Himanshu, yes I'm in control man 
Pos Vibe Emanator 
Yes I got my soul tan 
Soul shine, soul glow, so so Po-Mo 
Catch me on the South Side 
Kicking it with Shlomo 

Kicking it with Gary Soto 
All the cholos saying "Mira el joto" 
Just because I rock the secondhand Versace 
Wash me, watch me 
The second hand couldn't even clock me 
You couldn't see me like a Cuban playing hockey 
Cracker in the chocolate, that's human Pocky 
Papa look stocky, Mama look chalky 
Me I look a little something like a young Shock G 
Words come through me like I was a walkie talkie 
All I do is open up my mouth and just rock, see 
You, you are not me 
Me I am possibly everything plus everything that is not me 
Jokes, that is not T-R-U-E 
Are you understanding everything, do you got me? 
Catch me in the trees where it's shady like Lockheed Martin 
Sparking in the shade of the trees in the park, B 
Hark the angels stay singing in the dark 
Like the rainbow in the Ronnie James Dio joint 
Hit it from the back court 
Like it was a three point 
I don't give a fuck, I'm a duck to a decoy 
No trustem white-face man like Geronimo 
Tried to go to Amsterdam they threw us in Guantanamo

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