Friday, 26 October 2012

Song Of The Day!

Missed a day again, sorry... I'm not very consistent at this. Essays, uni work, house party to organise blah blah blah. So this song is for yesterday and iiitttt iiiiiiisssssss........... Butterfly by Talvin Singh! *applause* 
He's a producer and composer from London who writes amazing fusions of Indian, electronic and drum and bass music. Most of his stuff is amazing to chill out to (check out It's Not Over - another one of my favourites) but Butterfly has so much energy and is more uplifting. Having trained in Indian classical music, it also features some pretty amazing virtuosic sitar and Indian flute (I think) playing. I have a bit of an obsession with Eastern music, but I reckon there's a huge amount of people who just appreciate a good beat and beautiful music who would love this song.

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