Thursday, 2 May 2013

Janelle Mon-ACE! (?)

Janelle Monae is baaack! And she's just released the visuals for her new song, 'Q.U.E.E.N.' (which features Erykah Badu, as if the excitement weren't already unbearable.) The song is great, pretty similar to stuff from her album 'The ArchAndroid', which she released back in 2010. It's funky and upbeat with typically punchy lyrics about not caring what other people think ('I just tell 'em cut me up, and get down'). FEISTY! I especially like the line, 'Is it peculiar that she twerk in the mirror?' As for the video, it's certainly in accordance with this season's huge fetish for monochrome but to be honest, Janelle Monae could have probably single-handedly started that trend herself. Search her on Google images and you'll be flooded with her signature black and white tailoring. So in conclusion, this song and its video are very much a 'I'm back and I'm here to stay' statement. Oh and Erykah Badu is brilliant, as usual. Her part of the song is actually my favourite part, wiv dem trumpet vibez. I cannot wait to hear the rest of the album!

'Electric ladies, will you sleep?
Or will you preach?'

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